The Emperor


The Head of State shall be vested in the person of the Emperor, and in the event of a female occupant of the Throne, the Empress. The Head of State shall be the final arbiter in all matters, overseeing the actions of His Government.

The Crown shall be personified through the person of the Emperor, or in the case of a female holder of the Throne, the Empress as Head of State, and include the persons of the Imperial Family and the Imperial Household. The Emperor, as Head of State, is the symbol of the unity and permanence of the State.

His Imperial Majesty Viktor I Aleksandr is the Emperor of Thrace and Chief of State of the Empire.  His Majesty is head of the Imperial House of von Lothringen.  Prior to being crowned as Emperor, His Majesty served as Prime Minister of the Empire of Thrace from 11, June, 2006 until 14, January, 2007.  In June of 2006, His Majesty became a citizen of Thrace.  On 14, January, 2007, His Majesty was elected by the Imperial Parliament to succeed the former emperor who abdicated the throne along with all of his heirs.  His Majesty lives in the United States along with his wife, the Empress Sophia I, and his son, Crown Prince Michael.  His Majesty is an avid hiker and outdoorsman.  He believes in the dignity of all people and he believes that a monarch should not lose touch with his people.  The Imperial House of von Lothringen is a Germanic house.  His Majesty’s family line comes from the ancient House of the Dukes of Lorraine and from the Scottish Royal House of Stewart.